Recent Advancements in Welding Helmets

If you’re a motorcycle rider or a cyclist, you know that you have to wear a helmet when you go around town sightseeing. Outdoor adventures can be enjoyed more if they’re done safely. And that’s why we’ll be talking about the recent developments in welding helmets— the most important safety gear for welding.



Welding helmets protect the face especially the eyes of the welder. It’s crucial that the welder isn’t exposed to the radiation and flares emitted by the act of welding, which is why helmets were invented. If a welder doesn’t use a helm, he could experience eye swelling or eye discomfort. The worst-case scenario would be temporary blindness because the retina and cataract have already been burned.

Welding helmets reviews in were tailored to ensure that welders get the safety they deserve.

Latest Developments

Welding helmets have improved over the years. Today, they can either be passive or auto-darkening. Passive helms use a dark lens that does not change automatically. When a welder uses this, he needs to nod to drop the helm down when they start the arc.

On the other hand, auto-darkening helms are more practical to use because the welder no longer needs to habitually and manually lower and raise his helmet during a welding task. As the name implies, this helmet automatically darkens once they sense the bright electric arc. An auto-darkening helm also gives different operational modes such as grinding or plasma cutting. These modes provide more options for the welder, allowing the welder to perform various tasks with one helmet.

Auto-Darkening Helmets

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Speaking of this type, it also has two shade classifications: fixed or variable.

Fixed helmets come with a lens that darkens only to one shade that has been set previously. It’s perfect for welders who go through the exact weld again.

Meanwhile, auto-darkening helms with a variable shade allow welders to choose from different shades. This is recommended for those who have to use different welding processes and applications. This helm is equipped with a digital keypad that’s used to modify the lens shade based on how bright the arc is.

Final Words

Welding helms have improved a lot to help welders finish tasks easily and be more productive. If you have the budget, I suggest you purchase an auto-darkening helmet with a variable shade as it’s the best type available today. Don’t hesitate if you can afford one. After all, it’s for your own protection and convenience.


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